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    INGLASS 2017



    INGLASS International Glass Architecture and Engineering Expo Conference is taking place in Budapest in 2017, at Marriott Budapest Hotel, within SHARE Budapest 2017 International Architecture Forum.

    INGLASS International Architecture Expo Conference is addressed to architects, engineers, glass producers, glass processors, equipment providers and end-users.

    INGLASS is about glass architecture and engineering, glass innovations, energy efficiency and sustainability. Over 150 participants in the audience will attend the 2017 edition. The conference that is considered a continous trainning program for architects and is organized by ABplus Events in cooperation with the Chamber of Hungarian Architects (MÉK).

    Highly-awarded speakers, among whom the winners of the latest editions of the international architecture awards, present in the program of INGLASS Budapest their latest glass projects and their interpretation, innovative uses of glass in the built environment, its spirit, its material and immaterial qualities.

    The INGLASS conference is a one day event with a complex schedule, including dedicated lectures on the following thematics:

    • Glass in architecture-Tall buildings;
    • Glass in architecture – offices, commercial & residential;
    • professional CAD and Structural Engineering Design Software solutions for the construction industry.

    Speakers coming from 15 countries and Hungarian guest speakers will lecture at the conference, together with representatives of outstading international architectural firms that present innovative products and solutions for the industry. The profiles of the guest speakers are available here.

    Our guests’ projects are winners or finalists in competitions known worldwide , such as RIBA – Royal Institute of British Architects Internațional Award; World Architecture Festival Award; Alvar Aalto Medal; 2015 AIA Honorary Fellowship; 2015 Iconic awards ; 2015 Wan 21 for 21 award; 2014 A+Architizer Awards; MIPIM Award (Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier), hosted in Cannes, France; International Architecture Awards; European Property; Green Good Design Awards; German Iconic Awards.

    Among the speakers that have confirmed attendance so far, there are: arch. KEREM YAZGAN & arch. BEGUN YAZGAN – 2015 World Architecture Festival – Colour Prize Winners (Turkey); Dr. Ir. Philippe SAMYN, Lead Managing Partner, Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS sprl-bvba (Belgium), 2015 Foreign Building of the Year, Czech Architecture and Building Foundation; arch. Andrzej BULANDA, Bulanda Mucha Architekci (Poland), 2015 Honorary Award SARP-The Association of Polish Architects; arch. LARS NIXDORFF, NE-AR (Germany), 2014 WAN GLASS IN ARCHITECTURE AWARD-shortlisted.

    Simultaneosly with INGLASS, in the same location, it is organized RIFF international conference dedicated to roofs, facades, floors and insulation, GIS international interior architecture and interior design expo conference and LAUD international conference dedicated to landscape architecture and urban infrastructure. It is created this way an important architecture forum in Budapest, a dynamic and vibrant event including four professional thematic conferences.

    The aim of the expo conferences is to promote at the European level the best practice examples in contemporary architecture, the transfer of know-how and the exchange of ideas.

    For 20 years, our professional architecture expo conferences act as an effective platform for promoting excellence in the fields of architecture and construction, a meeting point for practicing architects, landscape architects and contractors, bringing together great personalities in architecture and offering new opportunities of cooperation.

    The latest editions of our INGLASS expo conferences had great guests that have brought their contribution to the program with presentations of their latest projects among whom: prof. Wolf D. PRIX; dr. e.h. h.c. Werner SOBEK; arch. Stephen HODDER, past RIBA President; prof. dr. arch. Tony FRETTON; arch. Dan S. HANGANU; arch. Rainer MAHLAMÄKI; arch. Kristian Lars AHLMARK; arch. Matthew POTTER; arch. Charles WALKER; arch. Gokhan AVCIOGLU; arch. Lukasz PLATKOWSKI; arch. Andrea MAFFEI; arch. Peter van der Toorn VRIJTHOFF; arch. Ósbjørn JACOBSEN; arch. Krzysztof INGARDEN; arch. Andrzej BULANDA; arch. Juan Coll-Barreu.

    Information regarding the access at INGLASS International Conference 2017 edition:

    Date: 2017

    Access: solely based on previous subscription and confirmation from the organizer. The registration of the participation can be made online here.

    See details about the program here.

    The testimonials of the guests of INGLASS past editions can be read here.

    The INGLASS Expo Conference is part of a series of 14 international architecture expo conferences that ABplus Events has organized starting from 2010 in Romania, Poland and Hungary, alongside with the the thematic LAUD expo conferences ( landscape architecture and infrastructure); RIFF expoconferences (roofs, facades, insulation), GIS expo conferences (interior architecture and interior design); CONTRACTOR (entrepreneurs conference – installations and constructions).          

    For the latest news regarding the program of the international conferences and the guest speakers, we invite you to access the communication platform www.share-architects.com.

    Organizer ABplus Events:

    For 20 years we have been in pursuit of excellence in the fields of architecture and construction, through international events organized for architects and contractors, in cooperation with our partners, the national chambers of architects, architecture institutions and associations.
    Our professional architecture expo conferences act as an effective platform for networking, business, inspiration and exchange of experience and know-how.

    ABplus Events, as Professional Trade Events and Congress Organizer, is the creator of the concept of national network of construction trade shows. Our experience on the Central and Eastern European market positions our events as one of the most effective international forums in the region, a source of constantly updated information, supporting the continuous training of specialists and the promotion of young talents.
    Bringing together hundreds of practicing architects and contractors in Europe, Asia and the United States of America, ABplus events promote projects, achievements and recent best practice examples in architecture and construction industry.

    Portofolio: you can also also consult our brochure and a selection of video testimonials from our international architecture conferences.
    We invite you to join us!


    Prof. Wolf D. PRIX

    COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, Austria
    Special Guest INGLASS Bucharest 2013


    INGLASS was perfectly organized and had very interesting presentations. The lecture I held and the message addressed at the event was: “Don’t worry, in two days tomorrow will be yesterday.

    Arch. Rainer MAHLAMAKI

    Guest Speaker INGLASS Warsaw 2014


    The reason why I accepted the invitation is because I saw in the program that this will be a very well prepared conference. My first reaction was that there is a list of very good speakers and also representatives of prominent architectural offices giving speeches about architectural use of glass. It has been a very big pleasure to be here.

    Arch. Ósbjørn JACOBSEN

    Henning Larsen Architects, The Winner of Mies van der Rohe 2013
    Special Guest of INGLASS 2014


    It is my believe that the time of glass has come, it came a long time ago, maybe a decade ago, maybe even more. I am impressed by the contemporary Romanian architecture, in average I consider it very very good. Comparing to other countries I visit, the average is very very good.

    Arch. Dan S. HANGANU

    Special Guest INGLASS Bucharest 2011


    One of the most important forces behind architectural progress has always been the possibility of coming together, to create platforms where interaction and inspiration can take place. It has definitely been a positive experience. It was a very good blend having a lot of very inspiring, different approaches, lectures, which went well with different shorter lectures in between that were more technical, showing what they are doing, quite inspiring also. I really feel that there is something bubbling in the Eastern part of Europe, which is very interesting for architects.

    Arch. Johannes BAAR-BAARENFELS

    BAAR-BAARENFELS ARCHITEKTEN, Austria, Guest Speaker INGLASS Warsaw 2012 & INGLASS Bucharest 2011

    I think INGLASS is a fantastic event and amazing opportunity. It is so important to bring together people with this inspiration and connecting them. Everybody brings his point of view and I that is way the event is very inspiring and I really can recommend it, absolutely.

    Arch. Andrzej BULANDA

    Principal of Bulanda Mucha Architects
    Guest Speaker INGLASS Bucharest 2015


    I admired the hospitallity and the additional program of INGLASS expo conference. The presentations were really interesting due to the level of the subjects spread out very well, from architecture to teaching. I think everyone could find everything for himself.

    Arch. Mariusz ŚCISŁO

    Co-organizer of the Polish editions of INGLASS


    It was a very good combination of fresh designers who are somewhere at the beginning or in full swing of their career and who allow us, in fact, to anticipate the future. What pleased me very much was that the public had the opportunity to see what it means to put in the effort to produce quality interiors, as the speakers presented their projects behind the scenes, where we saw huge labour, which one must be both driven and subtle to understand when decoding the result.

    Another thing that I find important is that this conference highlights the exceptions and things that can be inspiring, models to follow. The world does not know them, does not see them and this justifies the public’s appetite for this conference. A great benefit is also its educational role.

    Arch. Şerban ŢIGĂNAŞ

    Co-organizer of the Romanian editions of INGLASS


    I think the conference has exceeded the expectations of many and my explanation is that the format of the conference has been practised in Romania. After the 10 similar expo conferences that have taken place in Bucharest, an equilibrium has been reached, a science of compatible with each other, with the subject, with the expectations of the audience, and I think this is a good time to come to Poland, to export this event.

    I believe that things have started very well, I am extremely curious to see how they will continue. In Bucharest, I have followed the audience and found that it always consisted of a devoted public, certain people, certain faces that I would always see, which means something, and always new people as well. I am very curious to see how the Polish will act. Polish architecture is very interesting, and for me, as a Romanian, even though I know quite a lot about European architecture, visiting Poland has been relevant.

    Ferenc MAKOVÉNYI

    Member of the Board of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects
    Guest Speaker INGLASS Budapest 2015


    The Chamber of Hungarian Architects is glad, that INGLASS conference is here in our city, it is the highest professional gathering for architects, dealing with the material glass.

    We support all professional education and conference, which are in favor of our members. The conference is is an opportunity for every registered architect.

    Arch. Krzysztof INGARDEN

    President of Ingarden & Ewy Architects, Poland
    Keynote Speaker INGLASS Bucharest 2015


    It was a big pleasure to come to the conference. It was my first visit to Bucharest so I was very excited to be here and very excited about the architecture conference in which I could understand some of the problems that Romanian architects and urban planners have.
    Some of the issues are quite similar with what we experience in Poland, so we can understand the situation. I am really fascinated with the architecture of the city and with the organization of the conference. I think the presentations were coherent. I would like to see more from contemporaneous architecture in Bucharest and Romania, because of many subject touching the urban problems and planning problems.

    Markus PLETTAU

    Regional Market leader, High Performance Building Solutions at Dow Corning, Speaker and Partner

    I am positively surprised to see that there are so many architects, that there are engineering companies as well, sharing all their knowledge. It is good to see the other side because we are coming from the industry and we have had an inside-out look from time to time in this kind of events. It is a really nice event, a lot of interest is generated through all these presentations. I am excited to see there is so much interest in the innovations we have presented today.

    Arch. Gül GÜVEN

    Guest Speaker, Founder VEN Architecture, Turkey

    I am happy to be here. It is a good and big organization. There are three conferences in Bucharest, Warsaw and Budapest and I attended only two conferences and it is a beautiful experience.